Kelly's Surf Shop offers the finest surf lessons in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Surfing Instructors

All our teachers are qualified in surf instruction and emergency response; they also speak fluent English and are capable of teaching students of all levels. Meet them.

Surf Lessons Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Our lessons last one and half hours to two hours and include an introductory on-beach instruction where we teach the fundamentals of the sport, as well as safety and etiquette. Once in the water, we start off in waist to chest high water until you feel more confident. There is never any pressure on the student and our instructors will not push you into something you aren't ready for.



Surf Lesson Rates:

1 person (private lesson) - $90
2 people (semi-private) - $65 per person
3 or more people (group) - $50 per person

For bookings or inquires, contact us.

Surf Equipment Tamarindo

We use the best quality equipment including the only National Surf Schools & Instruction Association certified soft top beginner surfboards.

Surf Packages Tamarindo, Costa Rica

For those who want the full surf experience, we offer complete, all-inclusive surf packages with daily surf lesson, beautiful accommodations, airport transfer, breakfast, and more! We guarantee that you'll be up and surfing in no time!!!!

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