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The Surf LESSON experience you can take home

Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard and surf the waves of Costa Rica OR paddle the flat water of lakes and ponds or whitewater rivers back home.

It's easy to learn correctly with an experienced instructor like Marco Pacheco at Kelly's Surf Shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It can be an exciting and challenging sport or a relaxing, safe and meditative experience depending on the water you choose to paddle. And the choice is all yours!


  • $120 usd 1 person
  • $80 usd 2 persons or more, per person

Your SUP Instructor

Marco Pacheco, head SUP instructor at Kelly's Surf Shop and co star of the 1994 Endless Summer 2 movie, is a top Costa Rican surfer and standup paddlesurfer.

Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Tamarindo Costa Rica Marco Pacheco

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Standup Paddleboard RENTAL & SALES

Kelly's Surf Shop has a selection of Standup Paddleboards for rent and for sale. Contact us to learn more.

SUP Rental Rates

  • Stand Up Paddleboards ( SUP ) ~ $40 usd per day
  • SUPs ~ $200 usd per week

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Tours

Head SUP instructor Marco Pacheco will be your guide to a selection of local SUP destinations.

Take a quiet paddle down the Tamarindo Estuary to see the wildlife and enjoy the remarkable scenery.

Visit the offshore Island or other local beaches. Contact Us to book a tour.

SUP Tour Rates

  • $120 usd 1 person
  • $80 usd 2 persons or more, per person

SUP Vacations in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

All inclusive StandUp Paddle Surf Packages with your choice of accomodations. Get a combination of SUP lessons with Marco Pacheco and SUP tours to fabulous SUPing locations.

Choose your accomodations and book your package HERE.

What is Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP)?

Whether you call it Stand up paddle surfing, SUP surfing, paddle surfing, stand up paddle boarding or beach boy surfing the best word for it is FUN!

"Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) is a derivative of surfing, but where traditional surfers lie prone on their boards and use their arms to paddle around the water, Stand Up Paddleboarders remain standing at all times and use what’s essentially an extra long canoe paddle to move around the lineup on oversize surfboards.

The sport got its start back in the 1950s when Waikiki Beach surf instructors would use their longboards and paddles to travel around the line-up. The upright position made it a lot easier for them to keep an eye on their students, while also allowing them to bring along cameras to take photos of the action, later selling the images to their students on the beach.

The sport faded for a number of years, only recently being revived by (a)... crew of surfers, who found it to be a great way to cross train for surfing when the waves were flat.

From there, Stand Up Paddle Surfing has become widely regarded as the fastest growing water sport in the World, and for good reason… Where traditional surfing can only be done at beaches with waves present, Stand Up Paddle Surfing can be done almost anywhere there’s water! " (Quote thanks to Paddle Canada.)