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Mal País & Santa Teresa Transfer

From USD 50

Located in the Peninsula de Nicoya, Mal País and Santa Teresa are a must if you are traveling to Costa Rica; Mal País a small village full fill with marmelous nature is perfect to layback and relax, do fishing, took a nice and calm boat tour or just walk in the sand and enjoy, here you can find Nationals Parks and Reserves such as Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, and Curú Wildlife Refuge, this pacefull village is close to Santa Teresa, one of the major surf spots in Costa Rica, challenging waves for experts or begginers surf lessons get together in this forrest,with sand beach.

Good time and a lot of fun is guarantee, hotels, restaurants, shops and many more are weating for you.

This require a minimun of two persons to go, so make some calls and bring your friends.

It last five hours and it cost $50 one way.

From USD 50

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