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Spearfishing, Snorkeling and BBQ

From USD 125

The day is spent spearfishing, snorkeling and paddleboarding on a private, secluded beach off the coastline. We provide a great BBQ on the beach (with the daily catch, a variety of grilled meat, chicken, pineapple and veggies) as well as an open bar of beer and rum cocktails. The group will experience a sunset hike on a beautiful mountain. When the sun sets we have a bonfire, and we swim with bioluminescence. Transportation (turismo van) and equipment is included. Equipment involves all the snorkeling masks and fins, we also have several band-powered spearguns and Hawaiian slings. We do a safety talk and demonstration for whoever would like to operate the spearguns however very often people just enjoy snorkeling, being on the beach and exploring the caves.

Some of the wildlife the guests would encounter include monkeys, mountain goats, sea turtles and a wide array of tropical fish and sealife. We are sure to take many photographs throughout the day and send them to the group as a gift and memento of their adventure.

The tour is from 1pm to about 7pm. 
Price $125 per person

From USD 125

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